Monday, March 31, 2014

Upon Awakening

Upon Awakening

this spring morning
to dew drops
blossoms opening
noise on the freeway.

for back stories
echoes of relationships
loops between words
how I'm changed
by friendships

It takes a little while
when I awake
to invite myself to this
new day
to reassign labels
I gave myself yesterday.

I'm feeling a bit anxious...
breathe, stretch
say good morning
wait for the dance to begin
trust my muscles
know the steps.

I haven't written poetry for a long time. This is the fruit of one of my early morning five minute writings...not born exactly this way, but the framework was there when I wrote intuitively without an idea of where I was headed. Several times lately, when I've realized I can't get places with my thinking brain, I've found my way when I trusted my muscle memory, built over time, to get me there. It's such an interesting experience.

Baruch ata adonai...The past two weeks I've burst with creative energy or felt dry dry dry, and I've been acutely aware they are only cycles. If I wait, I will bloom and I will fade. I'll feel indolent and then suddenly awake with possibilities. I ebb and flow with inner tides. Now I know I am at peace.  Amen


  1. To begin the day with listening. I like that. Time and space to listen and then embrace the day. I'm your neighbor at Friendship Friday.

  2. Good job for being rusty in the poetic department. Love the colorful flowers that accompany the Spring morning stretch and the format that made it attractive to read. Spring-renewal, rebirth. A new day; maybe a new way. Your Creator and mine blessing us with spurts and times of creativity in the ebb and flow of life, as you acknowledged with your gratitude, rewards us with peace/serenity. SL

  3. I need to remind myself each morning as I awaken to just be still...wait and as you said just LISTEN

  4. Lovely prayer! Thanks for sharing with us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy!