Friday, July 20, 2012

The Power of Laying Out Requests

"Reading from Norman Vincent Peale's the Power of Positive Thinking, I was struck by a thought I need--that big prayers are required for big results. I have neglected to act upon this fact. To humbly, confidently lay out all my requests, to pray about and for them, has a power that I have been neglecting to use."    
          Phyllis Theroux, The Journal Keeper

I've had the experience recently of losing several things, and after searching seemingly high and low and buying replacements, I found them near the places I thought they were. Where was my mind when I was looking? Did I not really expect to find them? Was it that as soon as I saw the real thing, or got a better picture of it by ordering it online, I could find it? It was only arnica gel and a computer cord, but this morning I'm wondering if prayers don't work on the same principle?

Baruch ata adonai...OK, of course, I should have known. Thanks. Amen

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