Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Be a Warrior: Ask for What You Want and Follow Through

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."
Winston Churchill

The moment I saw the light between the woman and the horse, I knew I wanted that light in my body forever. There is so much energy on this page in my vision book, and it was such a surprise to find the answer to my soul's learning on these pages.

The answer to my soul's yearning from my vision page in the August Joy Up.
My fingers began Googling, and within an hour I signed up for a course of Equine Therapy two hours from my home. One month later I was just as close to a horse as the picture above, and inside I was just like that little leaping girl. It is the best birthday present I've ever given myself. When I sent in my deposit, I had no idea what Equine Therapy was until much later when I watched a video about it and thought, "Holy Shit! That's more than I bargained for." I trust my intuition and I trusted that this would be right for me. I thought it was probably about working through fear, and it certainly was. And so much more and so right on.

The Morning of the Second Day
I just returned a day ago. I don't want to write about the course and all I learned, just know that I was a warrior! Doesn't mean I fought anything or even myself. I knew nothing about horses, had next to no experience with them, didn't want to ride them, but I knew without a doubt to be with them is my secret yearning. The first two times in the ring I had no idea what I wanted the horse to do or how to do it. The next afternoon I was in a big arena with another participant and together as a team and using only non verbal communication we moved a big white horse through a variety of barriers. As we stood together at the end of the exercise, the horse came up to us and nuzzled our joined hands. I was brave. I asked for what I wanted, and I got it. I know I will be integrating the awareness learned from being with a variety of big horses forever.

Baruch ata adonai...Thank you for always telling me to trust myself and ask for what I want. I am much bigger inside, inside my silent and centered self, than I ever experienced before. I set an intention and showed up with all I had. We were blessed with a very rainy day. Cleansing rain and new strength. Thank you. Amen


  1. <3 this! And this line in particular: "I am much bigger inside, inside my silent and centered self, than I ever experienced before.

    You showed Vulnerability, Trust and Courage, and were richly rewarded!

  2. You are a warrior of inspiration to others and MORE! Loved popping over here from Creative Every Day and finding such a gold mine. Blessings to you!

    Here is my Creative Every Day post if you would like to read it, too!

  3. Oh... this is a wonderful post, Barbara. I am so glad that your vision book have led you to that place of connection with yourself, you´re right, when we ask, and we listen to the answers, and we follow through, we end up finding ourselves in a much better place, you said it beautifully: I am much bigger inside, inside my silent and centered self...
    And what can I say about your experience with the horses?. I have always dreamt to swim with dolphins (I haven´t done yet) but at the end of the August I went to a place with my husband and we saw a few horses and they moved something inside me, I wanted to be closer and touch them... and here you are, lucky you!

    1. Holy shit! That's my brave friend Barbara looking for the light; looking that horse right in the eye. Great picture! What's next for this adventurous grandmother? SL