Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Joy of a Morning Routine

"Your desire is your prayer. Picture the fulfillment of your desire now and feel its reality and you will experience the joy of the answered prayer" Dr. Joseph Murphy

I love this quote which is taped on my computer. Today my desire is to be open: open eyes, open heart, open willingness, open to gratitude, open to dance with my inner fears and move them, open to my joy and sadness and to laughter.

Yesterday was a non starter. I was awake every single hour the night before. I cancelled my morning workout and sat doing not much of anything. I felt as though I was stealing from my life. Stealing from the hours of that day of my life. It's a horrible way to start a day. But the day did gain momentum. Off to a meeting with my husband, to the used book store to find some magazines with good pictures to cut up and perchance a good bedtime book, which with much gratitude I found. Then one son called, and then the other, and I Skyped with my grandchildren and walked after dinner with a friend. On the whole, the mix and match day was good.

Here's my vision board for today:

Though I really would like to dance with wild abandon, for today, pacing is important. Dip my toe in the water. Notice the beauty around me. Don't be in a hurry to get things done, all those so terribly important things that need to be done.

Along with thinking of my word for the day, the word I'd like to embody, I create a vision board around it. If you want to do this, be open no matter what your word is. Be loose and don't be in your head. Whatever your word is for the day, the first word that comes to you unbidden, open a magazine and find words and pictures that say it to you. Add your own words, or a poem perhaps. Then glue them into a note book in the most random and free way you can.

I have recently created a daily ritual of writing a prayer in 15 minutes. I'm on Day 4. I realized when I started writing this blog, I only wrote prayers on days I wrote the blog and during the summer, that's only been once a week. My prayer muscles have turned to fat. Are there things that you want to do that may seem huge you would start if you did them for only 15 minutes at a time once a day?

This is what's working for me lately.

Baruch ata adonai...I know I often expect much too much of a day. Of myself. Of myself in that day and then I grade the day: great day, good day, sad day, non starter. May I be open to the value of each day. May I dip my toe in the divine. May I dance with the girls who come to the party. May I dance by myself. May I dance my joy and dance my sadness. May I dance with my inner fears and move them and open myself to anything, anything at all and say "It is good." Amen

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  1. Love your vision board and the notion of a word a day and writing out your prayers.
    May you always dance!