Monday, August 5, 2013

Today I Want a Grateful Heart

Yesterday I received a blog, that got me thinking and writing. What do I want? What do I pie in the sky off the top of my head uncensored want? What do I want without being limited by reality or possibilities? This isn't a bucket list. It's not about doing amazing things or going to exotic places. Some things aren't even possible. Oh, I guess I could train and train and run a marathon, but I don't think I want it that much. I just want to want it. And I probably won't wake up speaking Spanish fluently, but I sure want it. What would be on your list?

I want to be able to eat pizza without farting.

I want to blow joy bubbles.

I want to wake up speaking Spanish fluently. And French.

I want to paint every day with joy and delight.

I want to eat amazing pastries.

I want to run a marathon.

I want to laugh until I cry.

I want to swim laps. I want to swim across Silver Lake.

I want to smell sunshine.

I want new sheets I fall in love with.

I want to be famous for my cards.

I want to be in first love again.

I want to be cheerful all the time.

I want to be someplace warm and sunny for the winter without having to fly to get there.

I want to go to film festivals.

I want to be beautiful and healthy at 80 and today too!

I want to smile more.

I want to have my makeup done to see if it makes a difference.

I want to fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night.

I want to have no governor on my capacity to risk or accept or delight. 

I want an adventure.

I want a grateful heart.

Tonight I'm going to make another uncensored list to see what I come up with. Here's a link to Nancy Roman's blog "Shouldn't I have this...Shouldn't I have all of this?"

Last week I wanted an easier way for you to leave comments, and I think I've found it. Please try it with maybe your own wants.

Baruch ata adonai...I want a grateful heart. Thank you. Amen


  1. what a great blog entry, Barbara - I made my own list!

  2. Oh... fantastic! I think I am going to try to make that kind of list too.n Here I am again, thanks for changing the way we can comment here.

  3. I want to be in 'first love' - YES!!! Love your list Barbara...:-)

  4. There are some things in your list that I wasn´t aware I want but I do! :D
    Inspiring. Off to make my own list. :)

  5. Your list is beautiful, and I'm as inspired by Nancy's list as I am by yours - while at the same time, wishes and dreams - writing them down, really sitting down to find the bones of me - to be honest about wanting beyond what I have is one of the scariest things to do... :)

  6. well, well, well...I want to make a list, too! First thing on it is this...I want to just be free to do whatever, whenever...(meaning, wish I didn't have to keep the day job)! Aloha!