Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When We Sign It, It's Ours

We do art projects when we get together. This time the project idea only lasted ten seconds until I thought seven year old Annie asked me about another one. “No,” she said, “not another one. I want to see your projects.” I felt like Mary Tyler Moore winning an Oscar. “You want to see them. You really want to see them!” So I showed her the five paintings I’ve been working on this year, two of which are completed. She said she really liked one. A different palette, I thought. When I asked her why, she ran her hand over the top part. "I could do this." she said. Then, “Nana, you didn’t sign them. You have to sign them when you’re finished.” 

Baruch ata adonai... my granddaughter is right! I need to learn to own the art I create. Do I have the thought they aren’t good enough to sign? They're hanging in my home along with the signed art of others.  Before Rosh Hashanah, I will sign them. Until then I’ll figure out why I haven’t. You know why don’t you, and I think you’re waiting for me to own up to it. Amen

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