Thursday, September 6, 2012

Willing or Not

"...One of the quickest ways to start shifting the stuck-ness is to open up a huge space of willingness around the situation you’ve become stuck in.”  --Dan Howard,
While I’ve been thinking about all the things I’m grateful for and adding to my list daily, I know I’m putting off the inevitable next step. I need to take stock in another way. I need to examine the ways I’ve missed the mark, not been what I could be for myself and for others. Hard as that is, it’s the easy part. Forgiving myself and others is harder and it starts with a great stumbling block: willingness. Am I willing to change or do I just want things to be different? Am I willing to create a different outcome? Am I willing to give up my attachment to being right?

Baruch ata adonai help me to be willing to examine myself and the ways I interact with myself and others, and then help me to be willing to do more than want. Amen

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