Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creative Every Day November 12

I am not a baker, but I did have cranberries in my freezer from last year and Google not far away and found a recipe for these easy to make little cranberry apple pies. How hard could it be to do this with the kids. I bought Trader Joe's frozen rolled pie crust, which certainly has to be better than mine, and had everything set up for my grandchildren to make when they came Sunday. Almost perfect except for one thing. The dough had to come to room temperature. and I didn't have the time to do that. So this is my creative venture today. Notice how no two are alike?? Too delicious. They're not staying around here. I ate the other half of the one you see at the bottom right. Tonight they're going off to film club with me.

This is a project from Sierra Club magazine. Homemade snow globes. Simple to make. Use E6000 to glue figures to jar top after sanding the lid a bit. Allow 24 hours to set up. Then fill the bottle with distilled water and add one tablespoon glycerin and a half to a whole teaspoon of glitter. 

You need to fill the jar to overflowing, turn it over and screw on the lid and voila!

I prepped these before the kids came and then we made a mess together. When I visit them in a couple of weeks, they can go through all the steps themselves. There must be a way to glue on the lids. I haven't explored that yet, but I'm quite sure my six year old Charlie would give it a try.

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