Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Creative Every Day November 21, 2013

As I have been painting the past two months, I've taken photos of my progress from stage to stage.  Looking through the photos before I posted this picture of today's work, I realized that no matter how much I think I'm going to start a new canvas in a completely different way, I always begin in the same way. There's a palette I like, bright warm colors, and there's an raucous amount of energy going on which I'm not so crazy about. I want to reign it in, calm it down, but intuitively this is what wants to come forth: the excitement of new beginnings.

When I look at the all photos, I see many stages I wish I'd kept. So far in this one, I think I'm saying no matter how much chaos is going, on love and hope and joy and gratitude can overcome the rest. The only part we see so far is the love part. My challenge here is the same as in all the others. Right now, everything is more or less of equal importance. How do I move on and highlight parts and have the rest to the background. I haven't learned  how to do this yet.

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  1. It is in my nature to do those bold colors too so I can relate but I just go with the flow and through the years, I have seen many growth phases of my work. My bold colors are still prominent but in a more "grown-up" way…does that make sense? Moral: Keep doing what you are "feeling" and watch your art mature! =)