Saturday, November 30, 2013

Creative Every Day November 30

My last intention for this creative month of November is to give my Little Ladies their very own book. Next week in my multi media group we're repurposing children's board books. I'm creating a Little Ladies story book where they can all be together and share their stories with each other. Born of boredom in classes, the first were definitely freer than what came later.

The second generation of little girls yearned to wear their capes, tutus and boas and due to their various moods of courage and insecurity often weren't able to make a choice. There are a couple of them below.

Later the girls were happy, confident, jumping for joy, amazed at themselves. I think I was too.

This year I hope to draw a whole new series. The little ladies are discussing it as I type and all have opinions. Do you?

Leah, thank you for this challenge. I've grown and been conscious of creating every single day.


  1. They all look fabulous and will definitely be wonderful in a book!!

  2. They are so lovely, I look forward to seeing the book. Hope all is well with you, happy Saturday xx

  3. They are adorable - I am soo looking forward to seeing the book!