Monday, November 25, 2013

The Day I Always Said Yes

The view out my window is grey grey grey with a chance of clearing. The view of my blog is warm, cheery, and incomplete. How do I put in those things that usually clog up the right side of the blog. Surely some of them must go back in, but I don't really know how to do that. It's a start. I've been saying, "On your mark, get set, change this," for quite a long time and then I don't. Until today. It's like much else in my life. I belong to to the dive in and start swimming school of taking action. Do I know how to swim? Barely, but what I have will allow me to start and what have I got to lose? Are you asking where all those side bars are and how you can subscribe if you don't already? Probably not. It's enough for first thing in the morning: a cheery look, a place to comment, and something to say. I hope I'm gearing up to that part.

Here's what I'd like to write in my gratitude journal at the end of the day.

1. Today I began something I've been afraid to do and I allowed my self to stop doing it at the first step. I know I will build on it, change it, eventually. For today, one step is enough. I'm proud of myself for not plowing on and on and getting frustrated.

2.  Today I recognized my limits in changing this blog and I looked at it and said, "It is enough." Then I said to myself, "And you are enough too. Just as you are."

3.  Today I sat down began to warm up my drawing muscles. I've missed drawing. Today I was patient with myself because I know it will take time to get in the groove again. This is a little doodle on top of a piece of intuitive painting. Looks like he's pulling up a worm he can't let go of! Oh yes. I've certainly done that. But NOT today!

4. Today two thoughts from the weekend kept me happy and light: my son said he would like to have one of my paintings and my grandson told my cousin,"Cousins and grandmothers are the best because they always say yes."

5. Today I always said yes to myself. I always said you are enough, and I am grateful for you.

Baruch ata adonai...being grateful brings me to a place of warmth and security within myself and closer to you. Even in the midst of difficult times when being grateful seemed hard to come by, times when I was only grateful for my dog and the fact that the day had ended and I had something good to eat,  you've helped me keep the gratitude door open. Amen


  1. Your prayers always make me feel much better. I am thankful that somehow I stumbled across your blog and I am always thankful when you post. You really do lighten my heart. Bless you and have a great Thanksgiving week.

    ~ Cassandra

  2. What a lovely pay andi really like this piece.I'm glad you exercised your drawing muscles as this is wonderful.the colours are gorgeous.

  3. Sorry-autocorrect that should be post not pay!

  4. I like the phrase "It is enough." There is such a tendency to feel like more needs to done when, in fact, things are fine as they are. Your three-word phrase is one I need to remember to use.