Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratefulness Makes Us Happy

This year the many gifts of letting go and being grateful have brought me lessons on patience, standing up for myself, being for myself, letting go of myself. It really is all about me. You and I can be grateful in any given moment for the opportunities given to us. Watching a TED talk with David Steindl Rast brought this all home to me. A difficult gift is an opportunity to learn something. And we always get another opportunity to learn more.

Onward to the future. Stop. Look. Go.

For example I have had lots of opportunities to learn a better way to transfer my drawings and paintings so others can see them. Lesson after lesson and I haven't learned. I just want to get something done and not learn what the moment can teach me. (I am not generalizing this to my whole life, but it could be an apt metaphor.) Think Photoshop. I really really need to learn this in 2014. I'm putting this before you. Hold me accountable.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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  1. Love this little illustration! Good luck with your Photoshop experiments! Lots and lots of free tutorials on the internet, you'll get there!