Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better to Think about Apple Pie

 "We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie." David Mamet, from 1999 play, Boston Marriage

Busy, busy, busy. Insecure about presents for my grandchildren. Rain. Yes in California we must be grateful for that, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood. Gracie was up at four this morning barking to get out, barking to eat, barking for attention. I didn't go back to sleep. I stayed in bed awhile thinking about how to change my mood from cranky to something comfortingly soft and gentle. What came to mind was apple pie. Tart apple pie. A big juicy warm slice of tart apple pie with flaky crust and slightly melting rich vanilla ice cream. Yes!!! Even a virtual slice of apple pie makes me feel happier.

Baruch ata day is filled with things I want to do and I want to feel good about myself. I don't want cranky to be my default attitude. Help me forget about thinking I didn't get enough sleep. Whether I did or not, it's still a good fourteen hours until bedtime, and I have a choice. Help me to remember I have a choice. If I get snappy, remind me I don't have to be that way. Remind me at the very least, I can always think about apple pie. Thank you. Amen


  1. I think that changing our attention from stress to pie is just plain BEAU-TI-FULL!! I love your honesty, your warm open words....

  2. I think we all have mornings like you are describing, when we just feel a 'bit off'. Tiredness though does make things more challenging... I hope you enjoy your apple pie and that the feelings you woke up with will be soothed away with each bite you take... Thank you for sharing... God bless.

  3. Perfectly put. I am responsible for making lots of pies in my day job. Sometimes morning comes too early, and bedtime WAY too late. But, the minute I put my hands in the fresh batch of dough, it seems like I get lost...most all the world's problems just melt away. Pie. Such a tactile experience...must engage/embrace the moment. Grateful for time well spent...and not so very tired, after all.