Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Only Fear Can Stop Us

"It's not the circumstances that we should feel threatened by, it's the fear of the circumstances that poses the real threat." Richie Norton The Power of Starting Something Stupid

As far as I know, I've only sold a few of the cards I've created. People tell me they make them happy, and if there is one thing we need today, it is happy. So what if, my friends ask me, these cards take off; could you continue to make each one by hand? What makes me very happy now would turn into a total burn out in no time. At this point in my life, I think the thing I would regret the most would be not following through on printing the cards I'm developing.

What started out as doodles has morphed into little jewels of cards I send out to friends, and quite suddenly I've given these cards a name, The Be Bold Collection, and a life of their own. Glorietta, who only recently told me her given name is Tiffany, stands with her huge hair afrizz, layers of beads draping neck to boobs, fists screwed into her hips and demands to know what I'm waiting for. You should see what she's wearing! She is one blatantly courageous woman showing her hot chick side who asks me what if questions. So what if you don't know anything about publishing? So what if no one knows about them but you? OK. You've got me there. I want more people to be able to enjoy them. I want more people to smile and feel a boldness growing inside them, too.

Last year I gathered together a hundred cards I've kept in various places, punched two holes in them, and created three volumes of cards: family, friends, and the ever popular miscellaneous. Some of these cards turned up in file folders I'd labeled "Sunshine." In needy moments, I'd pull them out, read the messages, and these cards helped me realize I hadn't always felt under appreciated or alone or depressed or whatever. Over the years these cards helped bootstrap me to a new day. This morning I've been mining them again. This time I'm looking at the back of the cards. Are there publishers I can contact? Do I need an isbn number? How could people contact me if they want more? Do I need to copyright them? So much I don't know. I know I can't do it alone.

So, my blogland friends, I'm asking for help. You may only know a piece of the puzzle yourself, or you may know someone who knows someone. I'd love your help and suggestions.

Baruch ata adonai...I'm beginning the first step great journey and I need help. I need to keep believing in the message of my cards, especially when I start to feel this is a crazy idea. I know if I break my journey down into small steps I can do it. Please help me to keep fear from stopping me. Amen

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