Friday, May 10, 2013

Stretching My Soul

"Not everything you create will be a masterpiece, but you get out there and you try and sometimes it really happens. The other times you're just stretching your soul." Maya Angelou

It isn't always a masterpiece, but something happens in the writing of my blog that is healthy for me. I never thought about it as stretching my soul, but that's a good name for it. This week good intentions got in my way. I decided to resume writing morning pages first thing in the morning, but that's when I write this blog. Out of bed, to the computer, find a quote that resonates in some way and start writing to find out what it means to me. Wednesday I got completely derailed. And crabby. If you haven't read and written your way through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, it's a good idea to do so. I've done it a couple of times, but I realized it isn't what I'm about now. I'm feeling very creative, and I don't need to examine that too closely! So no morning pages.

Today I'm excited about being able to paint. After working on my Be Bold cards for a few weeks, after working on a small scale and being as neat and as precise as I can be, which leaves lots of room for growth right there, I've boxed up the Little Ladies and am changing my studio over to be able to create messes. Very exciting.

"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." Kurt Vonnegut

Today I'm following the suggestion of Leslie Saeta, do check her blog,, to document my work. I'm going to take pictures all day so I can review my steps and missteps. I've done this before and in my files can see some canvases I love that are no more. I painted through well straight to badly! Today I'm all about painting. Today I'm moving. I'm putting on Al Jarreau and my favorite group from Mexico, and Force of Nature with Led Kaapana and Mike Kaawa. With all those vowels, you know it's from Hawaii and it's pure fun. I need some new go to music for painting and welcome suggestions. I can hardly sit still!

After flirting with opening an Etsy Shop, I've decided not to do that at this time for the same reason I'm painting today. I want to have fun creating. If best came to best and the cards took off right now, would I really want to spend my time in the manufacturing process and the business end of the business? And do I want to make this a business? I have ideas for two new lines of cards, and even if they aren't commercial successes, it's important to me to grow what I have waiting in line inside me rather than selling what I've finished doing. I want to try to get those Little Ladies in galleries so they can sell themselves. I know I'll revisit the Etsy idea in the future, but for now, no. 

Baurch ata adonai...I'm glad I can change my mind and bring myself back into balance. What seemed like good ideas earlier in the week don't work for me at the present time. Thank you for surrounding me with patience and support and knowing I would find way back to my current self. Amen



  1. Ah, yes ~ have fun! And I can say that the joy you experience in creating show in your creations!

    1. Oh rose of the Walk in the Woods, however did you find me? You brought joy to me as I reexperienced those works. Thank you.