Friday, November 30, 2012

Spread a Little Thanks Around

"When we habitually count our blessings, we don't concentrate on the bad things that happen....When we consciously count our blessings in one arena, we start to see them everywhere else." Christine Carter.

How are you fixed for gratitude? Got enough? Want more? Start saying the two magic words and see what changes for you. Last night a friend and I had a long before bed conversation. I particularly appreciate her for the support and encouragement she gives me as an artist. After we hung up, I was asked if I'd said thank you. I didn't. I think I'm right in assuming she knows how thankful I am, but what if she doesn't. What if she needed just a little more appreciation. What would we each gain if I did say thank you?

Research is showing gratitude is associated with increased self worth, increased social connection, and when we habitually count our blessings, we don't concentrate on the bad things that happen. Now don't we all need a lot more of that? I sure do.

Baruch ata adonai...thank you for pointing me in the direction of writing a morning prayer. I am so grateful for the many blessings this has brought me. I'm grateful for readers who appreciate what I've written and who let  me know about it. I'm grateful I've become happier and more relaxed with myself and others as I've concentrated on finding three things each night I'm grateful for and exchange that list with a friend. Help me remember to share my appreciation and gratitude by saying thank you. My goal for the day is to thank at least five people for contributing to my life. Amen

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