Friday, November 2, 2012

Wisdom on a Hang Tag

"Continuous, calm, powerful use of the will shakes the forces of creation and brings a response from the infinite." Paramahansa Yogananda

While cleaning out a box of art supplies, a lovely tag with these words dropped out. Where did it come from? I pick up stuff from the street...virtually everything can become an art supply. This one may have come from a yoga bag I bought from REI or a mat from TJMaxx. The white print message overlays what might be a river bed, though one of the rocks could just be a shark. The tag was printed on 100% post-consumer waste with soy-based inks. It's a piece of art in itself.

As an artist, I think this message showed up now as a reminder to me to keep doing what I'm doing because I enjoy the doing. I haven't found powering through or using will power very helpful as a positive creative tool. It does take a fair amount of will though to keep writing every day, to practice drawing every day. Every once in a while I have a great breakthrough. Every once in a while I write with ease or am delighted by a drawing I've never seen myself do before.

Baruch ata adonai...thank you for this serendipitous reminder to breathe and to be mindful and patient. Amen

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