Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gifts of Healing

When I'm ill, I learn patience. Once I dance around the thought that one day I might not get better, then I remember it takes time to heal. In Mexico, I experienced a trifecta of bodily woe, and day by day I'm getting better, and I'm enjoying doing things I haven't taken time to do in awhile: read a book for hours at a time, slow down, sit in my garden and enjoy the sunshine. I'm also observing, not for the first time, how much will power it takes to resume habits that sustain me. After a week of squeezing prayer writing into snatched moments of time, I'm finally up and writing first thing in the morning. It takes practice to restart even good habits. Same thing with exercise. After a break, it always takes me days and days to get back to a pace that sustains me.

Baruch ata adonai...thank you for bringing me to health again. I will enjoy the next few days of not being quite well enough to give up reading books and sitting in the sunshine! And why give those up at all. I must incorporate these in my daily life and give up something else, like checking email quite so often! You are with me like a beating heart and I am grateful. Amen

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  1. Yes! I need to give up checking email and online stuff so often, and spend more time doing the things that feel my soul!

    Sometimes it is hard to sustain, and definitely, restart good habits. I am trying to re-establish a consistent journaling habit again, and it hasn't been easy. I tell myself, "Just like exercise, you don't have to like it at first, but you are going to do it. You will be happy you did." :-)

    I hope you get all the rest and refreshment you need! <3