Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring is all anticipation

"When all is said and done, spring is the main reason for Wow." Anne Lamott

As I look out my window, trees silhouetted against blue and pink strata now changing to the faintest of yellow pink and greying blue fill my view. In a very short time, just the time I take to write this, the sun has come up enough to reveal shades of green, green trees so recently bare then decked out with buds, then blooms, then the release of petals dropped to a blizzard of white on the ground all around it. The recent rain has made the trees so happy, the air so clean. My garden looks like a teenager getting ready to go to her first prom. In days the wisteria will trail through the arbor, long purple plumes anticipated for so long and gone in days. And now the sky is beginning to show its color for the day, a glare of bright grey.

Why has the thought of pencil boxes, an archaic reference to the past, come to mind? Maybe it's the distinctive smell of anticipation like opening a new book or getting a box of brand new crayons, tips pristine, paper in tact, or new shoes when we're kids and we know we can run faster and jump farther and higher now. Or the smell of my first car, the smell of freedom and possibility. Spring is all satisfying anticipation. Each spring day I thank the tulip tree I pass on my morning walk for coming out again, for giving me so much hope and encouragement to bloom myself.

Baruch ata adonai...thank you. Amen

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