Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to Challenge Your Assumptions?

This morning I reached for one of the many books above my desk, opened it at random, and trusted the first thing I read would be something I need to learn today. Today's book, one I really love, is The Creative Habit: Learn It And Use It For Life by dancer Twyla Tharp. Here's what stopped me. "Even though the evidence is staring you in the face, you don't always read the evidence correctly or even bother to think about it. If you're in a creative rut, the easiest way to challenge assumptions is to switch things around them and make the switch work." Bingo.

I think I might be in a "comfortable life rut," and for much of my life, this would be a problem I would have loved to have!  I know this is a rut you wouldn't mind being in. It's an upper end problem, yet I have only this one life, and I'm healthy, and my children are healthy and leading their own lives, and it seems to me it's as important for me to be creative about how I lead my life as being creative in the field of art.

Here's her process.
1. Identify the concept that isn't working. (If I have plenty of time to do art, I will do art.)
2. Write down your assumptions about it. (Too much pressure. I'm avoiding doing art. Maybe I need....) I'm working on this step, and  I'm beating back the gremlins who have so many unhelpful things to tell me.
3. Challenge the assumptions.
4. Act on the challenge. Haven't gotten here yet, but you might be able to work faster than I can.

My take away lesson from what happened in Boston this week is to look at my life as a marathon. Each day is a training session in living meaningfully and fully. If I'm slowing my pace because I'm meandering and off course, I need to step up and challenge my assumptions. I'll be thinking about this all day.

Baruch ata adonai...I must learn from what others experienced this week. Help me to stay with and within myself. Help me to challenge my assumptions on how I'm suppose to run and how I'm suppose to look and be. Thank you for being with me. Amen


  1. Sometimes we stumble across a blog we need to read. Thank you for being there for me to read.

  2. I came here to read this post, but just had to have a read of all the other posts too! Very insightful posts...I could relate to many of them. Thank you.

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  4. yes indeed...we need to challenge our assumptions...and your vibrant painting is a happy focus for the topic! thanks for the reminder, and happy PPF! great post...

  5. Enjoyed your post. I like what you said about each day being a training session. I'll have to remember that. Thank you.

  6. Great post today and I enjoyed having a look around your blog.... looking forward to many more visits... happy PPF ...xx

  7. Assumptions are not always accurate so true..I learned that painting a rocking chair...I assumed it was done, kept turning it every which way and there were many spots I missing lesson ever learned. My assumption was never right that whole time...

    Well done!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. great thoughts - great BLOG...
    became follower!

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  9. Such a marvelous idea to pick up a book and read something random and see what is there to pay attention to and learn....It seems to me to be a great way of opening up to the unexpected and to something new. I really resonate with your take on how you incorporated those words into your life and how you are ACTING on it. Was in Boston yesterday with our grandkids who are on vacation and it was eerie and there were police everywhere. So surreal even now to think it happened at all. xox

  10. Love your thought provoking post as well as the others I just read. I think of these things, too - a lot! :) Happy PPF!

  11. Go for it!! Nobody will stop you. :) Thanks for sharing this piece of advice with us.