Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Magic Key to Happiness

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, The whole world belongs to you.”
__Lao Tzu

A year a go, sitting in the afternoon Yom Kippur service, a friend and I agreed to send each other a nightly email limited to three short phrases, three things we were grateful for that day. We offered no background or explanations or responses and for long periods of time we only connected in this way. There were nights she could only express gratitude for her dog who cheered her up in the darkest moments. I was particularly prone to being thankful for Trader Joe’s and for the internet during mine. Now a year later, through the prism of gratitude and holding each other accountable for reporting each night, we are each happier and more confident than we were last year. 

Find a friend, exchange gratitudes. It is a magic key.

Baruch ata adonai I’m grateful for compassionate friends. I’m grateful for understanding the two most important prayer words are please and thank you. And thank you for Trader Joe’s and the internet too. Amen


  1. This post made me happy to read this morning Barbara...thank you so much for sharing it.