Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleaning the Closets of Our True Essence

Do you ever, finally, take everything out of your refrigerator, wash down the shelves, get rid of the bits of saved and now blue food, use a toothpick to clean out the crud along that seam at the bottom under the door opening, put in a box baking soda and hope it’s true that it will absorb the stink you may not get to cleaning out for awhile, and then open the door several times that day just to appreciate how clean and fresh it is? 

The major task of the month of Elul is tesuvah, which is a lot like cleaning out the closets of my true essence. It’s a time to reach in to examine how I may have harmed myself and others either on purpose or by neglect or harmful speech. Above all it’s a time of forgiveness, of letting go of the past and the way it limits me. Elul is the time to complete unfinished business, to make myself ready to be open to the blessings of the new year. 

Once I begin, it seems there are a lot of fingers pointing to the path I need to take. Yesterday I was listening to an audio I subscribe to called Intentional Rest. This one had to do with the limiting and unhealthy stories we tell ourselves, and one of mine popped right up. We all make up stories all the time, and this is one I need to stop telling myself. I wonder how easily I’ll be willing to let it go. I’ll be working on it during Elul. 

Baurch ata adonai help me catch the untrue story I’ve been telling myself and make it less strong. It might be easy for me to forget to do this. Who wants to keep cleaning out crud. It will be a great birthday present for me to give myself. Please remind me and hold my hand as I become brave and bold. Thank you. Amen

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