Friday, August 10, 2012

Preview Your Coming Attractions.

"Imagination is...the preview of life's coming attractions." 
Albert Einstein

Years ago after a two year certification program, I added Guided Imagery to my Marriage and Family Therapy Practice. I loved doing this work and so did my clients. The basic process was to vividly imagine yourself in a place of personal peace and safety, for me it was always someplace near Silver Lake, and then to listen for someone or something who wanted to talk with you who was called your inner advisor. I can still remember my first exposure to this new therapy in a large hotel room with hundreds of people and the conversation I had with my father later that day and other profound changes I made after using this process which ultimately led me to leave the therapy profession. 

Baruch ata adonai in reading this quote I feel reconnected with an old friend who smiles at me in the most loving and confident way and reminds me of my limitless possibilities. Thank you. Amen

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  1. I can’t believe you prompt, I was going to use the same one this morning and I will.