Monday, May 21, 2012

Backed into Doing What Works

"You can use just about anything you want to give you joy and strength, but it should have two qualities to it. First it should be cleansing. Whatever it is you are using as a daily practice to stay strong must relieve you from the burdens of that day...Also, your practice must increase your capacity for you can tell the difference between your stuff and someone else's stuff, and so you know whether or not you're dealing with an actual crisis or just fear." --John Calvi

A few years ago, backed into a dark corner of life, I discovered the way out through daily prayer writing. Last week the roiling river of my mind mind returned me to mindfulness meditation. Following my breath for a few minutes began to sooth and smooth the maelstrom. I've meditated before. I remember after a month of consistent practice telling friends I couldn't ever stop because I felt so good. Then I stopped.

Baruch ata adonai melech ha olam, help me to meditate. Help me to observe my reactions to feelings as they come and go and to be patient enough and courageous enough to allow this practice to lead to knowing myself in new ways. Amen

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