Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Inner World Waits for Us to Appear

“We think of retreat as going away, but it need not be a physical act. Each of us can find our own way to silence. We withdraw and the inner world appears.--Deena Metzger

We were given fifteen minutes, a picture of a room in a chic hotel, told to put in two people, and tell a story through dialogue. There was no time to think. The first line I wrote came  as a surprise, and without much thought the unplanned story evolved: two white gloved laughing grandmothers are bouncing on chairs. Wrapped inside this story and unsaid was a truth I never would have found in another way. For a short time I had withdrawn into an unknown world and found happiness that still tickles me. 

I love the world of let’s pretend. I can go there any time I’m willing to trust myself to travel inward without a guide who talks too much and insists I follow her because she’s been there before and knows what’s best for me. 

Baruch ata adonai...inside me is the universe of my whole life. Help me to write with boldness. Help me to live with boldness. Help me to trust my childlike curiosity to guide me along the way. Amen

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