Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Look

How do you like the way the blog looks now? If you're reading this on your email, click on the title, A New Look, and it will take you to the blog site. You can comment in a variety of ways now and in general I think it's easier. If you click on comment, a pop up box will appear. Remember to follow the directions for spam detection. I'm so hoping you will comment from time to time and thanks to all of you who do.

Along with the new look, my friend Trevor set me up on Facebook and that is a brave new world for me. I feel like I've arrived in a huge foreign city, maybe Bangkok, where traffic zooms around me and I'm afraid to cross the street. Where are all those friends? Looks like they're too busy to help me. Please add my blog to your Facebook page.

Tomorrow morning I'll be on my way to San Miguel de Allende. New smells. New sounds. New friends. If you don't see a new prayer, you can check for me in the newsletter tab. I want to keep a trip journal there.

I hope you are all well or recovering!


  1. The blog looks great! And I look forward to reading your trip journal! I hope you have a great time!

  2. Your new blog looks fantastic and is very easy to navigate. I am proud to share it on my facebook page (Welcome to the 21st century social scene!).

    May your journey to San Miguel de Allende bring you joy, inspiration, renewal, and strength. May you go and return in safety and peace.

  3. Looking good and welcome to FB. Have a terrific painterly time in Mexico.eloxip