Monday, January 28, 2013

I Am Willing to Witness My Fears

On the way to San Miguel, I thought this would be my last trip. It only took me a few minutes of walking, in fact just walking out the front door of Casa Carmen, and I was all over that. I can hardly wait to come back. San Miguel imprinted itself on me early and deep. I was in my early twenties, just out of the university, and ready for the world. The first time I came it was a village populated by Mexicans and some Americans who had come years ago, mostly WWll vets who used their GI Bill at the Art Institute and then stayed. It has changed a lot since then. Mexicans can't afford to live in the central area and their employers often want to pay them in dollars, but the essence is the same. The air, the colors, the energy, the patience and sweetness of the Mexicans soothes and seduces.

As we went around the heart circle and introduced ourselves, we were reminded again and again we all  have similar fears and insecurities. The art we're doing mirrors what each of us brings to it. Flora stresses it is important to let go of anything at any given moment. If it mirrors where you don't want to be, welcome it and tell yourself you have the ability to create anything, any experience you want. This week there will be unlimited opportunities to confront ourselves. I've set up my easel. We begin in twenty minutes.

Baruch ata adonai...There are things I don't know and can't see. I rest in ease and acceptance. Amen

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  1. It is amazing how the lull or rush of our surroundings invades our souls. Both have their time and their place. Baruch Atah Adonai for allowing me to honor and appreciate the diversity in the world.