Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Prayer Muscles are Flabby

"I've been given the gift of life. How do I want to honor this gift? Are the things I'm spending time on, the decisions I'm making, harmonious with those things in life that I find most profound, most inspiring, most beautiful?"  --Rod MacIver

It has been a week since I last sat in the morning and read for my heart and wrote from its longing. Unused, my prayer muscles are flabby.

Some of the days I was missing, I lived and breathed in the forest around Silver Lake where I am in touch with solitude, with not putting words to thoughts, with silence within. It is the answer to a long ago prayer. When I returned home, I found my computer had been invaded by someone with too much time on his hands and only yesterday afternoon was it restored.

So what do we do in life when we come to a detour? Shift down. Start again. Review what's important. Decide what's harmonious. Pray.

Baruch ata adonai here I am and I hear you telling me to quit whining and start over again. That's it? OK. Thank you. Amen

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