Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When Prayer Is Difficult

Yesterday, three different cancer stories from friends. Two heartening. One heartbreaking. This morning I feel restless. Something is going on inside me I'm not yet privy to. Neither inspiration nor prayer seems attainable so far. I feel if I truly tuned into what is going on around me, I'd go back to bed for the day and wait to check in tomorrow.

When I ask myself what it is I'm feeling, my response is, "as long as you aren't sure, how about feeling thankful and make those thoughts of gratitude your mantra for the day. Let them fill the empty spaces where fear and sadness enter."

I'm thankful I'm healthy. I'm thankful I'm drawing again. I'm thankful for the friends I'll be seeing today. I'm thankful for the sunny day, and for my home and husband. I'm thankful I have pushed myself to write this morning. Amen

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