Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remember to Taste Today

I know there are a lot of important things
going on in the world that maybe I should in
some way be attending.
But I was wondering how those pretty spiced
apples, just out of the oven--and in all of their
aromatic glory
will taste for dessert, and then a late night snack.
          A Year with Hafiz, Daniel Ladinsky

When I started writing prayers a few years ago, it was for my psychological needs. Later, after that pain was over and before I realized it, I was filling a spiritual vacuum. It is a surprise and joy to me to realize how long I've kept up with this practice and where it has taken me. Gratitude has become an underlying principle in my daily life. When I came across this poem, I thought, but what about savoring. And then Gracie came in with her excited doggy kisses and wanted to share her morning with me.

Baruch ata adonai help me to remember to taste and enjoy this day with great zest.

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